Mind Over Platter Weight Reduction

No pills!  No Diet!

Just Permanent Lifestyle Changes


The HypnoWorks Weight Reduction Program is a unique series of hypnotic sessions designed to work with your subconscious mind to change your habits and lifestyle permanently.   Our sessions will allow you to eat MINDFULLY and MODERATELY and reach your goal weight without feeling deprived.  You will begin to make healthy choices and easily control your portions. 

By retraining your subconscious mind you will automatically know exactly what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat. Hypnosis reinstates that mechanism in your brain that tells you when to stop eating.  You had this as a child.  All children have it. You can reclaim that freedom now!



When you are overweight, probably the last thing you have is time and energy to exercise.  Yet healthy muscle activity burns fat while providing the best antidote for stress.  HypnoWorks sessions create a powerful inner drive to get in shape and even love doing it! Even our clients who hate exercise begin to get in the groove and get moving. Exercise becomes your new fun habit. It feels like playtime to you, just like when you were a child and couldn't wait to get out and play.



Water truly is the magic potion for weight reduction.  HypnoWorks sessions bring back your natural water thirst.  By boosting your daily water intake to the right amount, you will lose fluid retention, eat less, and feel great!  Even our clients who hate drinking water come around to be good water drinkers. 


What our clients are saying

HypnoWorks Weight Loss

clients love to brag........


"I lost 75 pounds using the HypnoWorks program." Kathy H. San Diego..

"I have lost 30 pounds without dieting. I listen to my tapes at night and say to myself, 'I don't need the extra food this time'. " JoAnne J. San Diego, Calif.

"In 9 months of coming to hypnosis sessions and listening to my tapes at home I have lost 65 pounds without starving.." Sharon C. San Diego, Calif.

"Hypnosis worked for me. I am 50 lbs. lighter!", Martin K. Santee, Calif.

"When I started my hypnosis I knew I would see results but I had no idea it would work this good or fast!" Jake, Santee, Calif. Lost 100 lbs.

135lbs LESS!!

Size 24 to Size 8

"I lost 135 lbs! People say I look like a different person.  I am so happy. The sessions helped me reach my goal even while enduring the stress of law school."

Chris 2006

Update 2008 Still at goal weight


<--Before Size 18

After Size 8-->


59 lbs. Less


"Not only did I lose the excess weight, I also got chronic pain under control and I am preparing for the three day Breast Cancer Walk!"



"Hypnosis was probably the only thing I had not tried to lose weight. This is great Now, in two months I have lost 24 pounds. My only regret is that I didn't try it sooner." Bob.  San Diego, Calif.


"I have tried every diet, every fad, from liquid diets to phebn fen. This is the first time I have NOT DIETED and have lost 30 pounds in 3 months. I love my cds."  Sharon, San Diego, Ca.


"This is the first program I have EVER been in before that gave me a good feeling about myself. I have tried programs through the hospital, and (other programs).  For some reason negative feelings were always involved with them. I know this is much more of a positive approach."  Peggy, El Cajon, Ca.


Before photo


at 1st goal

Lost 52 lbs

"I love this program.  When I first came in, I just wanted to be able to bend over and tie my shoes by myself.  I can do that now!  I am feeling great and am on my way to my 2nd goal with this program.  I love the sessions.  HypnoWorks is like my home away from home."


"I lost 34 pounds in 8 months. My sessions helped me achieve my goal. The sessions have given me the strength in my personal life situations too. I was very pessimistic when I started my weight loss program.  But I started to feel better physically and mentally. I have changed my life with the hypnotherapy sessions."  Karen R. Lakeside, Ca.


"Just returned from a vacation cruise and am happy to report I lost 10 pounds. I am very happy with my results."  Pat F., San Diego, Ca.










44 LBS.


Quit Smoking!




Happy to be

20 lbs LESS!!

"When I started with hypnosis three weeks ago my insulin level was over 300 and I felt rotten. Now it is down to 137.  This is a miracle.  My sugar craving is much less.  Hypnosis helped me so much. I can hardly believe it.  I was like a run away train.  I now have hope of someday not needing my medication at all. I am so grateful for this help." Jane S., San Diego, Ca.


"Since coming to my sessions I have lost weight and my doctor has been able to cut my insulin down by 50%!! He is so pleased and I feel better than I have felt in many years."  Carol, Santee, Jan. 08